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The idea of the creation of a Foundation by the NSIA Group stems from the fact that despite all the efforts made by Governments in general, adequate conditions for developing women’s capacity are still not sufficient.

Young girls and women from disadvantaged backgrounds are deprived of access to modern education and have difficulty acquiring financial autonomy. There is no doubt, however, that an uneducated woman is more vulnerable to the vagaries of life and all kinds of human rights abuses.

Therefore, it is committed to educating the young girl and convinced that the NSIA Group has a role to play in society, its founder, Jean Kacou DIAGOU, desiring a lasting and concrete impact on the communities and giving impetus To his personal social actions, to create the NSIA Foundation in 2014.

The aim of the Foundation is to combat social inequalities significantly among the most disadvantaged populations, especially women, actively contribute to a substantial improvement in their living conditions and thus bring a little more dignity, well-being And shared happiness.

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