In Africa, 28 million girls and teenagers are not in school and will probably never set foot in a classroom. Today, 59 million children (6-11 years) do not attend school, or 9% of the primary school age population. More than half of these children, 30 million, live in sub-Saharan Africa, including 17 million girls.

Gender inequality remains a feature of the evolution of students in the Ivorian education system, with a general imbalance that is unfavourable for girls. Although substantial efforts have been made by the State to ensure girls’ access to formal and non-formal education, many efforts need to be made to maximize the opportunities available to them.

The NSIA Foundation intends to contribute to:

Reduce significantly female illiteracy through equal access to education;

The improvement of conditions for accessing vocational and continuing training;

The promotion of Training and Education Initiatives (IFEF) and continuing education for
girls and women;

The increased empowerment of women at all levels of the economic and social sectors;

Build the capacity of education and training structures for girls and women.

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